The leadership editorial comment on the many troubles of MTN of 31st December 2015 has spoken my mind and pushed me into writing this article. As an insider and now independent telecom analyst who has over the years watched the evolution and development of Nigerian Telecom Industry and especially the mobile services, have commented several times on the problems of the services we are getting, and not only that any casual telecom observer from 2002 to date knows full well that all is not well with the behavior of the GSM mobile operators and the dreadful services they are offering.

What the leadership editorial say is just a Snapshot of the problems Nigeria has with MTN operator. We saw it coming right from the day the license was issued to them. As a member of the dissolved GSM License Evaluation Committee” I and my colleagues are fully vindicated by the leadership editorial. We saw this coming and insisted that there must be background checks on any operator that is applying for license in Nigeria. We made this as one of the criteria based on the knowledge of what transpired between Econet and Zimbabwe in which Robert Mugabe kicked them out as they were involved in sinister moves to remove his government.

The leadership editorial has been very fair to MTN but there are many sins and crimes of the MTN against Nigeria and Nigerians since their debut into the Nigerian market. They too know that what they are doing in Nigeria they cannot dare do it in their own country or any serious country for that matter. Some of them cannot be made public but why we are in the mess is because the previous regulators were part and parcel of the problems. MTN supported and sponsored people in the NASS, the previous Presidencies and the Regulatory Agency and that is why they continue to defy whatever punitive measures that are taken against them. In a nutshell MTN is a lawless operator that must be cut to size and made to follow the rules and laws of the land.

Day of Reckoning       

In everything you do there will be a day of reckoning and it has arrived for MTN. Their sponsors and Co-conspirators who from behind the scene destroyed our National carrier and who encouraged and assisted them to extort Nigerians.MTN must now face the grim reality of the fact. The Game is up and the payback time is now.

Like what Mugabe did to Econet, MTN must be kicked out of Nigeria after it pays its fine and other crimes- Tax evasion, and money laundering crimes ( these are serious crimes in EU, USA and other countries. Just last week Apple paid Italian authorities nearly 400 Million USD, others in fines for tax evasion , spectrum acquisition from NBC rather than NCC. And the mother of all crime is the use of its facilities for treasonable offences against the Nigerian state.MTN must be a part of this crime against Nigeria. No country can allow a foreign company that is doing this kind of activities that threaten its survival.

On the Nigerian part this is the price we pay for killing our own National Carrier NITEL and I am certainly not wrong to say that the same MTN has played a major role in the demise of NITEL with the help of greedy and corrupt kleptocrats of the past regimes.

Enough is enough!

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