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By Dr. Idris Ahmed.

Recent events at the Supreme Court and at the Senate prove beyond any doubt that a real war is being waged against Nigeria by enemies of the Nigerian state from within. We are a great nation of 180 million people, yet we allowed criminal gangsters numbering no more than 5,000 to hijack our country and hold us to ransom!

How did we get into this mess in the first instance? Well, we are NOT patriotic. We failed to organise ourselves to take full responsibility of wrestling our fatherland back from the cabal. We at the CUPS organisation have decided that enough is enough! We promise to use all resources at our disposal to mobilise, enlighten and empower our people, so that we can collectively reclaim our country back from the hands of traitors.

The manifest corruption, banditry and lawlessness that characterised the day to day operation of our judiciary only happened because we as a nation failed to confront it head on. Similar corruption, banditry and lawlessness is being played out in the Senate, under the stewardship of a Mafia don, Bukola Saraki, who has no business being a Senator let alone being its President!

Under Saraki’s criminal stewardship of the Senate, new atrocious laws designed to completely erode civic liberties, neutralise the current war against corruption and perpetuate their grips on power are being introduced unabated. Yet by all standards and norms known to the civilised world, Saraki himself and most of his Mafia cabal in the Senate should have been in jail serving their time for grandeur theft, money laundering, forgery and even drugs trafficking.

One of Saraki’s errand boys, the notorious Bala Ibn Na’Allah, who introduced the obnoxious Social Bill is at it again! He is one of the co-conspirators in the Senate scheming relentlessly to have Senator Kabir Marafa suspended. We cannot afford Senator Marafa suspended because he is the arrowhead of the fight against corruption in the Senate.

We can accomplish the recall of the treacherous Bala Ibn Na’Allah from the Senate before further damage is done to us as a nation. Despite the threats of unlawful arrests, physical violence, harassment and intimidation, over 120,000 signatures for the recall of Bala have been collected by our brave patriots in Kebbi South. This is more than the 2/3 of the registered electorate voters of his constituency needed to initiate the recall, according Nigeria’s constitution.

Now, we need to hire the finest lawyers in the land to take over the recalling process to INEC, who by law have to authenticate the over 120,000 signatures and organise a referendum within 90 days. We also need to run a proper campaign in Kebbi South, with posters and media advertisements to encourage the electorate to come out en-mass to vote for the recall of Bala on the day of the referendum. Whatever number of voters that turned out on the referendum day, 51% of the votes against him is what is needed to send Bala packing from the Senate.

We need money to pay for the lawyers, for the media campaign and for hiring neutral observers to make sure that no rigging takes place at any of the polling stations. This is an historic event that has never happened before in our 100 years history as a nation. Be patriotic, be part of the history that dismantled the tyrannical Mafia cabal which hijacked our 8th Senate. Please send your donations to the CUPS Corporate Account below:

Account Name: Citizens United for Peace and Stability.
Account Number: 1140085583.
Bank: Skye Bank.

For transparency and accountability, we promise to publish the full account of the entire recall operation. We will give full detail how much money we collected and what we spent the money on. Every single Kobo collected will be accounted for!

Finally, we solicit for your prayers for the success of this mission. By just using constitutional and democratic tools at our disposal, together we can salvage our fatherland and make her one of the greatest countries on the planet. Please share this blog with as many fellow Nigerians as you can.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.


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