Hundreds of trained teachers jobless – Report

A new report on gender equality and girls’ rights to school has shown that only a small proportion of trained and qualified teachers, who completed Pre-Service Training (PRESET), were able to find jobs in Nigerian schools and colleges due to large scale corruption.


The report, which was unveiled in Abuja by the British Council, indicated that this trend is most pronounced in three northern states of Jigawa, Kano and Sokoto. It, however, said corruption, ethnicity, political party affiliation, among other factors hinder trained teachers from securing teaching work in education.

Tagged “Teacher Education, Teacher Practice, Gender and Girls’ Schooling Outcomes: A study in five Nigerian States,” the report is based on survey and interviews from Jigawa, Kano, Lagos, Rivers and Sokoto states from June 2014 – April 2016.9

“Thus, it is clear that the labour market for teachers is far from rational, and that aspect of politics, identity and affiliation play a key role,” it said. The survey revealed that respondents complained that teaching is not well paying; while in state schools where pay could be higher than in private schools, there are so many delays in salary payments, prompting the teachers to take on other jobs.
On gender attitude of teachers, it said majority of teachers had very negative attitude on gender equality and girls’ rights to schooling.

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