Bukola Saraki

Saraki okays fractionalisation of Kwara APC

*Sets Sulyman Buhari, Sarah Adebayo loose

We have uncovered the latest move in the antics of the troubled senate president, Senator Bukola Saraki, to malign the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for failing to endorse the charade that occurred in the senate on the 9th June.

In the latest twist from the camp of Saraki in Ilorin on Thursday, a story was conspicuously planted on an online medium – Kwara Eagle with the caption “Tinubu plot to unsettle Kwara APC”, where the sponsor presented both Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Lai Mohammed as the sponsor of a political association (Caucus for Progressives Change) within the party in Kwara State.

In its reaction, the Caucus for Progressives Change in Ilorin on Friday, through Olurotimi Ajisafe dismissed the publication as malicious, scandalous, divisive and machination of the fifth columnists that are bent on dividing the party not only in Kwara State but in the whole of the country.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu...fingered in the latest issues. Siddon look na him I dey now

“We don’t need to look far to know who the authors and sponsors of the story are; the emptiness of the story shows that it couldn’t have been written by no other person than the semi-illiterate publicity secretary of the party in Kwara State who has boasted at several fora that he needs the approval of the leader and the state executive council to begin attack on Tinubu and Mohammed.

“Unfortunately for Sulyman Buhari, the state publicity secretary and his partner; Alhaja Sarah Adebayo, the state women leader; they had in an effort to impress their sponsors boasted before now that their attack on us in the coming days will be ruthless.

“On Tuesday 18th August, 2015, Alhaja Sarah Adebayo, the state women leader of APC did not only disparaged the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari but described him in most uncharitable manner. In a-31 minute telephone conversation that was recorded (on phone), the women leader threatened that a re-occurrence of ‘Salake’ or ‘Gbosa’ is imminent in Kwara State.

According to the group’s statement, reproducing the content of the recorded conversation of the women leader, will help the public to really appreciate the extent those who sought to destroy the party and everyone connected with Tinubu are determined to go. The women leader said:

Lai Mohammed...another actor named in the friction

“I think Buhari has contested three times, did he make it? Eeh..He did not get it not until Saraki and nPDP supported him. It is this same Saraki that he doesn’t want to see now. You think we don’t know what is going on. Sebi, he said he belongs to everybody and nobody, why has he not appointed any nPDP into positions? Anyone outside Sarakites should not expect anything here too. Who are those ACN?

“We (including Hon. Balogun-Fulani) met at the party secretariat today and we told those elements that Lai Mohammed donated to the state executive to go and meet their principal in Abuja or wherever he may be that he should caution those ones calling themselves caucus to stop the nonsense. If they want to continue to deal with us or enjoy our largesse they must talk to Lai to behave himself.

“We know that they are sponsored by Tinubu using Lai’s men in Kwara to cause a parallel exco so that they will bring in Belgore. We know everything, even in Irepodun, Agbara is doing the same thing. Lai can’t be loyal to anybody except Tinubu because Tinubu made him. If not why has Lai not been following Bukola home, whenever he comes home.” The group quoted her.

The statement added that within one week the state party chairman, Hon. Ishola Balogun-Fulani has called two meetings, addressing only the ACN tendency within the party. The chairman is equally conscious of the grand plan to fractionalise the party.

“On 23rd June 2015, a letter personally signed by Alhaji Lai Mohammed was caused to the state chairman of APC inviting the executive council to his 9th Ramadan Lecture holding on 2nd July 2015 at Oro, his country home. The party chairman’s first reaction was to write KIV ( Keep in View) on it and later instructed all loyalists of Saraki to stay away from the event. They followed up the instruction by sending agents to Oro town to watch the attendees. Bibire Ajape authenticated the instruction in one of the meetings held at the Saraki’s hall in one of his recent visits to Ilorin.

“On July 14th 2015, after the Ramadan Lecture at Oro, Mr. Bode Adekeye, the state secretary of APC invited a party member from Ajase I, who incidentally attended the event at Oro to his office in Ilorin and blasted him for daring to attend. ‘As long as you continue to identify with Lai Mohammed you will get nothing from the party. You know you have been nominated for a position by the Ajase people, now go and denounce Lai now using the social media, if you are still interested in the position. We are watching you.’ Those are the words of the state secretary”.

The group continued that between May and June this year an ardent follower of Dr. Bukola Saraki, Bibire Ajape was on Radio Kwara more than three times on a mission to malign the person of the national publicity secretary of the party, Alhaji Lai Mohammed. It said that while they denied the actions of Bibire as self-serving, they have not instituted any disciplinary action against him up till now. Alhaji Lai Mohammed today is the highest ranking officer of the party from Kwara State.

It however concluded that the group shall in the coming days upload the tape of Alhaja Sarah Adebayo, Sulyman Tuji Buhari and Mr. Bode Adekeye in the social media for the public to fully grasp the divisive antics of the Saraki’s men in the state. That names of members of the group are in the hands of these men is not controvertible, “We have been marked, so, the public should hold them responsible should anything untoward befall us, since Alhaja Sarah Adebayo mentioned it in her telephone conversation that there are troubles in the future”.


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