Now that the President is back, will he reboot his government to deliver on his campaign promises?

By Yusuf Adamu

Glory be to ALLAH (SWT) who gives health to whom he likes and tests his slaves with trials and tribulation. These tests are meant to test our faith in ALLAH (SWT) as well as a way to expatiation of our sins. Anybody who passes these tests ALLAH (SWT) will reward him with Jannah. There is no doubting the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari has gone through many trials and tests since he became president. My prayer and hope are that he passes these tests. There are many lessons to learn from these tests.

President Muhammadu Buhari should be grateful to ALLAH (SWT) for blessing him with so many things that no one leader in the history of this country has seen. The affection and love between him and the TALAKAWA is legendary. Nigerians across religious and ethnic divide dedicated themselves by praying for his success as a candidate. They   contributed a lot in cash and kind which was never done before. When he fell ill they continued praying and expressing good wishes for speedy recovery. The spontaneous eruption of jubilation and celebration when he came back attests to this assertion.

The best and most sensible thing  to do is for PMB to reciprocate these kind gestures by delivering on his political campaign promises as well as addressing the obvious lapses in his administration and there are many.

Prior to his medical vacation, the president faced and is still facing many challenges, criticisms  and condemnation from all over the country, including the party, governors, Academics just to mention a few on the way his Administration is handling and managing NATIONAL AFFAIRS. Some or if not all criticisms are valid and genuine. These criticisms came from your ardent core supporters who are confused and unhappy that the Muhammad Buhari they know would not run the country as it is being done. They believe in you and your ability to steer this country out of the mess you inherited. These people are your greatest assets. They dedicated themselves to you since 2003 and some of them since 1985.

Reports from social media, main streams, newspapers, political commentators etc believe that there is an UNCONVENTIONAL CABAL in your administration. The missteps and the messes in your administration are attributed to this CABAL. There are strong rumors going around that the CABAL are micromanaging the country and that the CABAL are executing their personal and self- serving agenda which is in conflict to the National interest as well as your Agenda. There have been complaints that you are too reliant on the cabal. Other complaints range from detaching you from the party and the people who worked to get you elected. They are accused of building a firewall around you. You have built a name and you become a brand as a result of which anybody wants to get elected  use you as his symbol and it worked. You should under no circumstances damage your stand in the eyes of the people.

Nigerians are worried that what is happening is totally not what they expect from you. They believe you are man of honor who would not do things outside the constitution. Nigerians believe that the cabal are political nuisance and are a cog in the wheel of your program and they do not want you to succeed and really if these cabal want you to succeed they should abandon their self-serving agenda and start assisting you to achieve or accomplish your electoral promises.

The loyalty of your base – the Talakkawa should be a source of joy and political strength and they trust you to solve their problems. They see you as a good man and a great president. These supporters like your actions and they have high and great expectations that you would deliver.

There seems to be a gap and a divide between the party and the presidency and again this is attributed to the cabal. This gap or divide must not exist. You need the party and the people. One cannot do without the other. You should reach out to them. Anybody undermining you and your Agenda need to be kicked out. A cabal that knocks your head with your party, politicians and people who have been loyal  since your debut in politics must give way and allow DIE HARD Buharists to reset and restart your administration

Rebooting your administration

People on the streets are complaining that there is no time left for you to carry out major changes and are  saying what could not be done in the two and a half years cannot be accomplished  in the remaining period of your tenure.  I disagreed with them. As Harold Wilson once said a week is long time in politics and a lot of things can happen overnight. This is correct and things can happen within the remaining period.

You really need to identify people who can deliver on your program. People clamoring for cabinet reshuffulment as a first stage to reboot your administration. This is not a good starting point because moving one minister to another ministry will even confound your problems because an inefficient minister if moved to another ministry will carry over his inefficiency to another ministry. The best way to go about it is kick out those incompetent and uncommitted ministers and replace them with new people who can do the work.

The change or shake up should start from the presidency anybody who cannot add value to the administration should go. People are suggesting that you need a civilian equivalent of late Tunde Idiagbon. The presidency is the gate of your administration. You need a gate keeper who will make it possible for you to accomplish your agenda. Honest people who will tell you how things are and committed to you to achieve your objectives, people who will always  assist you and say things as they are not things that you want to hear. People who will leverage their relation with the National Assembly, the party and the Nigerian people.

There is one ministry that has or can make positive impact on Nigerians; that is the super ministry of power, works and housing. This ministry is not working and a big problem for you. Two years into your administration the Nigerian roads are in shambles and in all honesty they are like killing fields, Kaduna-Birnin Gwari-Lagos road is in terrible condition. When you were away the link between Lagos and the North collapsed completely. The Vice President has to travel by helicopter to see things for himself. The Zaria –Kano road is in similar shape. Zaria-Sokoto too bad and even the recently Abuja-Kaduna rehabilitated road is pothole riddled. The power system is collapsing and the only thing we are getting is be ready for tariff increase and that the fraudulent privatisation has come to stay. Some drastic action is required in this regards.

I doubt very much if some of your ministers are giving you correct information and update of their activities. It is very sad and embarrassing for one to know that all the technocrats in power ministry cannot tell you the exact power capacity of the country. All we are experiencing is darkness and outages. We cannot run our economy on generators, inverters and Chinese torch lights.

Finally I wish and hope President Muhammadu Buhari will address this and quickly too. Great leaders live forever. They live through the lives they have touched and things they have accomplished. This is a defining moment for you. The formidable challenges before us is winning the trust and confidence of the people. History may not be kind to you if you leave things as they are. A lot of damages have been done to your name, government and reputation  in the past two years . Some repairs are needed urgently.

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