APC may lose out in 2019 — Dan Zago

The governing APC should not forget that the PDP lost the 2015 general elections because it failed to settle the differences and disagreements among its members, Alhaji Ahmadu Dan Zago, a chieftain of the party said yesterday in Abuja.

Dan Zago,  a former North-West chairman of the defunct Congress for Progressives Change (CPC), who spoke with journalists, advised APC leaders to “put more effort” to tackle the lingering crisis, especially by embracing all the aggrieved members.

“But, if they keep quiet until they come to them, or they set up a committee and forget about it, then they should forget about 2019 because Nigeria is dynamic.

“We should remember that we took the government from an incumbent. We are now the incumbent. We should not be in a hurry to forget about the past. The other party refused to settle their differences and that led to their loss,” he said.

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  1. Lemmuel Odjay

    There will be many more internal squabbles within the APC during the next two to three years, as those toxic individuals from the PDP who sought shelter in the APC, who are currently engaged in a struggle for the control of the soul of the party are quickly disarmed and eased out of the party. It would be in the interest of the APC and Nigerian politics that they be shown the door sooner rather than later. It could cause the APC some votes to ignore this advice, but I do not see the PDP completely eroding the support base of the APC at the end of 2019, if they (APC) should carry out a strategic purging of the stables now and as recommended above.

    With time, these turncoats would display their true colour as they come to realise that the man at the helms of affairs is not a prodigal and that the SHARING era has gone for good. The backlash from this awakening could have an adverse effect on the APC’s ability to win in the next general elections.

    However, if the party goes ahead to implement good socio-economic and political programmes with unbiased single-minded zeal that creates millions of jobs for those jobless Nigerians at the end of its third year in office while delivering a huge export economy with so much food to go round, it is feasible that Nigerians could consider such conditions as enough reasons for retaining the APC in power. Should the APC government fail to deliver the above conditions in three to four years after assuming office, Nigeria and Nigerians would be back to square one with the Revolution the worse for it. The sad alternative would doubtless be the re-emergence of that class of reactionary politicians who had held the lives of Nigerians in gyre for decades. Do not be deceived or get swayed by the posturing of the likes of Raymond Dokpesi, who keeps telling us that mistakes were made by PDP during its reign of thievery and that they have learned their lessons and are willing to turn a new leaf on assumption of power. Does the leopard change its spots? It must be recalled that long before they formed the PDP, they were in the NPN where the result of their dishonourable stewardship will keep reverberating throughout Nigeria’s history. We owe our creditors a world of gratitude for forgiving us the debts which the then NPN-led government had piled up in advance to be paid by Nigerians and their children. Under the PDP, they had dragged us yet again into another economic quagmire. Nigerians could go to hell for all they cared. Is this the group of politicians Nigerians would be baying for come 2019? History has established that these politicians under the PDP will never let go their inordinate ambition to corner the commonwealth of Nigerians to the detriment of most other Nigerians and their yet to be born children…

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