By Dr. Idris Amed and Ola Shamsuldeen Adeniji

Fellow compatriots, we write to apologise yet again for our absence from social media. Our company, Tecomex Forensics Ltd – recently got a contract to run a cybersecurity centre at a university here in the UK. This significant development will empower us to generate wealth and also make valuable contribution to the university and society at large. We solicit your prayers for the success of this project. This is the ONLY reason why we have been away from social media platforms.

We also seize this opportunity to thank our compatriots at home and in diaspora who constantly got in touch to find how we are keeping. Be rest assured that we are doing absolutely fine. However, we have recently been inundated by concerns about Bukola Saraki’s attempt to undermine the Nigerian state. We passionately share your concerns over this matter of national significance.

People have been asking us why is Bukola Saraki trying to escape justice for the grandeur theft and  serious money laundering crimes he committed? Why is he heating the polity by engineering anti people’s policies, such as blocking the confirmation of Ibrahim Magu as the EFCC Chairman, and humiliating Col. Hameed Ali (Rtd), the Comptroller General of Customs, for daring to enforce legitimate customs duty on imported cars, including those imported by Saraki himself? Why is Bukola Saraki not pressing for laws at the National Assembly that will kill off corruption, protect our economy, eradicate poverty, and empower the masses? And worst still, why is Bukola Saraki constantly trying to undermine the Presidency?

The simple answer to the above pertinent questions is that, Bukola Saraki, as the champion and grandmaster of the manifestly corrupt elite, who have strangled Nigeria and are currently holding the Nigerian masses to ransom,  wants to be Nigeria’s next  head of state, by whatever means necessary! In his delusional mind, Saraki holds the view that he can use his vast ill acquired wealth to bribe his way to the top, thus protecting himself and his fellow co-conspirators from prosecution for the calamitous crimes they committed against the Nigerian state.

We have said this before and will say it again, that Bukola Saraki remains the most dangerous man  in Nigerian politics today. When we asked Nigerians to keep praying for President Muhammadu Buhari’s good health and protection, we knew what we were talking about. Recent events surrounding Buhari’s illness and subsequent treatment in London proved us right. It is important that we still keep praying for the good health and protection of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Now, how do we stop this most corrupt, clueless, visionless, spineless and dangerous politician ever becoming Nigeria’s head of state? This task is achievable folks. However, we must not rely on the corrupt Nigerian media or our corrupt politicians, who only care about themselves, families, and cronies, for inspiration. The answer lies in mass mobilisation, enlightenment,  and empowerment. Democracy is a game of numbers. If every patriotic Nigerian at home and in diaspora play their part in the democratic process, we can to stop this monster from becoming Nigeria’s version of Donald Trump!

We are fully aware that things are not exactly the way they should. Our people are still suffering, despite having the best President ever. The common man has not yet felt the positive impact of the people’s oriented budget appropriated for 2016/2017. The problem is not that we are poor. The problem lies with misgovernance and corruption, which has eaten into the fabric of our society. This we can change, using democratic tools at our disposal.

Finally, we promise you that CUPS will be back with vengeance, to confront the challenges posed to our corporate existence by the enemies of the Nigerian state. God willing we shall overcome these challenges, as long as everybody plays their part through active participation in democracy, mass enlightenment, and mass empowerment. In the meantime we also ask you to keep checking the website for daily updates and views on our political and economic development.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen

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