General Yakubu Gowon

Open letter to General Yakubu Gowon one of the last and surviving founding fathers of Nigeria

My Dear General,

I purposely and deliberately singled you out of the Nigerian past and present leaders to write you this open letter and you would, by the time you finish reading it, see why I do so. I also believe that what you are about to read is not new to you as most of the issues raised in this letter are on your mind. They are of concern to you and must be giving you sleepless nights and nightmares.

Sir, everybody know this is not the best of time for Nigeria. This country has been going through crises, sliding and spiraling and skidding out of control since the dawn of democracy in 1999. Everything is going wrong. There are too many distractions and diversion. Useful time is wasted on issues that are non-essential. In fact the period 1999 to date is synonymous with waste, giveaways, failures and outright stealing of public funds. All these give rise to all kind of insurgencies, criminal activities, insecurity etc. culminating into the current situation where hate and fear is being used as a potent political platform and verbal flame throwing strategy. The country’s well being is  threaten. All these are happening right under the watch of our leaders. I am alarmed by the scale and magnitude of these problems. What are the aims and objectives of the sponsors of this mess?

Social media is being used to add fuel to the political fire in the country and escalating the problems. We have dysfunctional money guzzling political system that is keeping us down by its operators who are doing exactly the opposite of what they are elected to do. They are completely detached and insensitive to the electorate who voted for them neither do they care about what is happening. They do not seem to understand what leadership is about. They take out more from Nigeria than contributing to it. They prefer flamboyance and expensive life style than sacrifice at the expense of the country and its people, the people that put them. All in power arms of government are mired and entangled with serious problems and are busy trying to undermine and ridicule each other while the people, the system supposed to serve are suffering. Darkness has covered our land. Political and ethnic attention seeking provocateurs are wrecking havoc and destabilizing the country. We are becoming a Nation of anything-goes- and nothing matters.

I have been thinking hard over this situation and asked myself severally how did we degenerate to this level where social malcontents and nuisance has taken over a country of 180 million people and threatening it? Is this really a way to run a country? Where are the Gowons, the Shagari’s, the Shonekans ,the IBBs ,the Abdussalam etc. at this point in time when the country is crumbling and needs them to save it? I narrow down my choice to you with the hope that you would accept the challenge and complete the job you started in 1966.

You as a young 32years old leader was able to steer this country out of its ugliest mpment of its existence. You worked hard to address the numerous political, economic and social problems. You worked tirelessly to reintegrate and reconcile the country and laid a solid foundation for the development of this country. You healed the wounds and your “No Victor, No Vanquished” philosophy is legendary and visionary. Your legacies are still very much around and intact. You played a role in the creation of ECOWAS, OAU and others for the development of Nigeria, Africa and the Black race. These are no small achievements.

General Sir, you have a unique position in the history of Nigeria and your name will be written in Gold in the Nigerian Hall of Fame.

I believe that God in His Wisdom blesses you with long live and health with the intention to give you another chance to play another role to save Nigeria and the Black race from evil forces. Opening old wounds and creating new ones will not take us anywhere. A blessed country with all it takes to be in the top echelon of the advanced economies of the world is languishing in poverty, youth unemployment, unproductivity etc. There is no one top university in this world that you would not find Nigerians either as students or lecturers.  There are many Nigerians all over the world working and contributing meaningfully to the economies of those countries and yet we remain underdeveloped.

You need to, even if you are not in charge, do something to save this country. This is the opportunity that you still have and you must grab it and I believe you are destined to do it. You should find ways to draw a line and say enough is enough and a way forward for the future of our children.

General Sir, you are the only leader that has an outfit that is serving the country your “Nigeria Prays”. This outfit can be easily upgraded and expanded to include healing the country with you as Healer-in- Chief. I want you to do whatever it takes to cool the system and put the country on the path of progress for the sake of future generations to come.

Truly Yours,

Engr Y. S. Adamu

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