Update on Recalling Senator Bala Ibn Na’Allah from the Senate!

Dr.Idris Ahmed, CUPS.

We are very delighted to announce that the legal/constitutional process of recalling Senator BalaIbnNa’Allah from the Senate is well underway. Over 30,000 signatures were collected as of yesterday, including a significant number from Wasaga, his home village. Having realised this, Bala decided to go live on Voice of America (VOA) this morning crying for help! The fact remains true that bullies are always cowards too.

Whether he goes on VOA, BBC, RFI, Radio China, Radio Cologne Germany or any other radio station for that matter, crying for help, it does not make any difference whatsoever to this constitutional process. For the first time in our history, we Nigerian masses are mobilising ourselves to say enough is enough, and we really mean it! God willing this grandeur traitor and ex-drugs kingpin must go.

For the avoidance of doubt, the process of recalling Senator BalaIbnNa’Allah from the Senate is well organised, structured, and transparent. The major steps involved are outlined below:

1.          Community leaders at grass-roots level in Yauri and Zuru Senatorial District are sending an initial petition letter to Senator BalaIbnNa’Allah, in which all the allegations of wrongdoing labeled against him are detailed. This letter is copied to the INEC Chairman. Senator Bala is given two weeks to respond.

2.       An independent committee made of distinguished scholars and lawyers on constitutional matters, ex-law enforcement agents, human rights activists and ex-politician is drafted from all parts of Nigeria to look into the allegations labeled against BalaIbnNa’Allah. The committee will guarantee that he is not witch-hunted by anyone.

3.     Petition signatures are collected from at least 51% of the electorate who voted for BalaIbnNa’Allah during the last general election. Already 30,000 signatures have been collected. These signatures must be verifiable by INEC.

4.      Within 90 days of collecting and verifying these signatures, INEC is obliged by law to organise a vote in Yauri and ZuruSenetorial District for the electorate to decide whether to recall BalaIbnNa’Allah from the Senate or not.

5.      A simple majority of whatever number of people that turned up and voted against him during the recall voting is enough to seal the recall of BalaIbnNa’allah from the Senate.

We are mobilising Nigerians from all political parties, religious, tribal, and cultural background to participate in this patriotic and historic event. This is truly an all Nigerian affair! Be part of history, don’t be left behind. Please join us at the “Democracy in Action” Facebook page to make the process smooth, effective, and transparent.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.


  1. may

    great development for us as a country am so happy. one thing is sure within the next 10 to 20 years nigeria will be very strong with strong patriotic and intelligent leaders

  2. femi.

    This is funny, Nigerians collecting signatures to recall NaAllah in reaction to his social media bill. Do you know 90% of his electorate do not use social media? How will they then recall him?

  3. Amina

    Splendid. It is nice to see Nigerians using the constitution for good things, Maybe this will inspire other LGs to start recalling their reps :)

  4. Umar Suleman

    Bala Ibn NaAllah is a bad man an opportunist Every good man should support this effort to recall Bala from the senate. Bala Ibn NaAllah is an enemy to the Nigerian masses .

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