Presidency budgets N978m for travels

President Muhammadu Buhari’s domestic and international trips next year will cost N978,688,792.

For domestic travels, the President will spend N239,201,008, with foreign trips costing  N739,487,784.

Also, N11,020,382,572 was allocated to State House,  Office of the President N1,335,460,936, Office of the Vice President   N448,618,092, and State House Medical Centre N331,730,211.

These details are contained in the 2017 budget proposals submitted to the National Assembly.

State House (Headquarters) expenditure on local travels and transport is to cost N62,975,000 and officials’ foreign travels N97,209,138.

The Office of the Chief Security Officer to the President, which has an allocation of N123,389,951, is to expend N90,332,148 on fuel and lubricants.

Of N502,123,645 for utilities, State House (Headquarters) is to spend N319,625,75 on electricity bills; N25,516,400 on Internet bills, N76,400,004 on water bills and N52,827,800 on waste bills, while telephone calls will take N27,753,687.

The State House (Headquarters) personnel cost is N1,751,587,617, with another N377,376,582  for allowances and social contribution    and N205,600,203 for general allowances. Also, N1,374,211,035 is for salaries and wages.

Honorarium and sitting allowances for State House (Headquarters) is to take N556,592,736 and an item described as “residential rent” is to gulp N77,545,700.

Welfare package will take the N209. 5 million in 2017, refreshment and meals (N97.2 million) and sporting activities (N29.1 million).

The purchase of office furniture and fittings is to cost N61.9 million, computers (N14.5 million), canteen and kitchen equipment (N100.8 million) while N100.8 million is for cars and N97.2 million for buses.

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