Pakistan’s Opportunities & Risks in evolving South Asia

International relations and foreign policy is always built upon strategic national interests and for position of advantage and relevance. We are relevant to Chinese strategic interests and Russia’s Asia perspective while Pakistan is equally relevant to India and USA too. May it be interpreted as positively or negatively irrespective of India/US projections to “Move Beyond Pakistan”. However, our domestic scene will build our international relevance and stature while it squarely impacts our National Security and integrity.

What is East Pakistan; It was persuasion, coercion, shaping and impairment of National Will of Pakistan through exploitation of fault lines, instabilities and our lack of capability and capacity to comprehend, prevent and respond. The main strategic effect aimed at the Shock application to our Two Nation’s Construct while cutting Pakistan to size from capacity and access to Far East Asian relevance.

Has India given it up on it? No, it hasn’t and it wouldn’t, working beyond Pakistan and enveloping Pakistan is the policy in vogue now. The age old dictum, like “neighbor’s neighbor as well as enemy’s enemy is the best friend” remains the hallmark of Indian regional policy, while she endeavoring to reap out of proxy wars, chaos, coercion and division. The Indian coercive applications under USA’s China and Pakistan containment policy are likely to heighten seeking Pakistan to comply or implode. Hence, we are under severe pressure to conform or face the brunt while the New World and regional Order shapes in connivance with dominant India. Where India is firmly secured as the “Asian pivot” for the multi polar power structure for Asia and Africa in specific.

There is a need to adopt ‘Whole of the Nation Approach’ and should be people centric built upon Comprehensive national security spectrum. The prevailing environment necessitates a dynamic, effective and formal national security management system too under political leadership as well as a comprehensive deterrence regime. Our national response should be to strengthen our first line of defence constituted by alliance policy built upon strategic neighborhood core, trade and commerce equations, National security systems and deterrence capacity against hostile nations.

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