Gunmen creating problems for Buhari are sponsored – Oni

– Attacks by herdsmen and other bandits on communities across Nigeria have constantly been a major concern to the citizens
– The vice chairman of the APC (south) and former Ekiti governor, Segun Oni, has also spoken out about the incessant attacks
– Oni also speaks on the President Muhammadu Buhari administration as well as what Nigerians expect from government
A former governor of Ekiti state and current deputy national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in charge of the south, Segun Oni, has revealed the new dimension to the attacks by herdsmen and other gunmen in the country.
Oni, who expressed worry about the rising attacks on communities by gunmen, said the armed bandits were sponsored by rich men in the country who want to make Nigeria ungovernable under President Muhammadu Buhari.
“This personally worries me because these gunmen, who suddenly became so notorious invading villages and so on are people that have always been around. “But my guess is that many of these are sponsored by people who have so much money and want to create instability.
“I believe that many of these have political motives and people who just wanted to trouble the government of the day, who don’t want peace because they believe peace would not be what they would want to see,” he said in an interview reported by our source. The former governor who said Nigerians are lucky to have President Buhari at this time, added that it was expected that the citizens would demand the impossible, but that he was sure his party would do its best.
“It is very easy not to remember where we are coming from. Yes, we were elected to do the impossible, we will do our best. I just want to plead that people should give us more realistic expectations. “This economy must work, we must get Nigeria back, but it is not as quick as most people would imagine or just by a touch of the hand. So, people are entitled to their expectations, we as a government, we will do our best to ensure that the end would justify this cause.
“We were not elected to run Nigeria for one or two years; we were elected to run Nigeria for four years and before we get to an appreciable length of time I am sure and confident that we would begin to see very obvious changes. “Nigerians should still expect that we will do what we promised we would do. Some of us are still very confident that we will do it. If we have doubts, our confidence level would not be what it is now; it won’t be this high.
“It is normal, but if anybody says because we don’t have people to manage the economy, which team could have managed the economy as it is now better than we are doing? Is it the team that destroyed it? That brought it down?
“Look, Nigerians don’t seem to also complain when they were buying dollars as if it was going out of fashion; the legal tender during electioneering and campaign was dollars.
“If you were eyeing other people’s currencies at that height, you were making useless your currency, how do you think you will make an overnight recovery? It is not easy.
“Nigeria is lucky because only very few countries in the world have gone through the kind of experience we went through, and they would still be talking the way we are talking. Yes, the situation is very bad, but we would get out of it,” he added.

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