Governance is stagnant because Buhari is working with his enemies — Buba Galadima

Engr. Buba Galadima was a close confidant of President Muhammadu Buhari before their relationship turned sour. This interview brings the remaining areas he spoke on that have not been captured in the cover story of Daily Trust on Sunday of 20th November, 2016 captioned “Buhari may be alone in 2019 – Buba Galadima.” Excerpts:

Why do you think President Buhari allows certain people around the government despite increasing complaints from various quarters?

I don’t know, maybe he’s comfortable with those he has now, and it’s his prerogative. But for us, Nigerians, we’ve the right to criticize him because we elected him to do certain things for us and if he’s not doing them, we would educate the people to tell him that he’s wrong.

Why do you think the chieftains of the APC, such as Tinubu and Oyegun and then Atiku and El-Rufai are trading words in the media?

We’re a party that’s in government but have you ever in the history of Nigeria seen where in the secretariat of the ruling party water is disconnected, electricity is disconnected, salaries of aides and workers are not paid for six months? It’s shameful, it’s disgraceful and we claim to be in government. We’re not saints.

Don’t you think he doesn’t trust those at the helm of affairs of the party?

You mean those working for the party do not deserve their wages? Is that what you’re telling me? God said you should pay the person that worked for you before his sweat dries up.

How was a ruling party funded before the coming of the APC?

They generate revenue through so many sources and one of them is levy on members. Another source is through selling forms for contestants. And then if the government is doing well, those who gained from it contributed to the survival of the party. Let me tell you, if you don’t know. In the first year of Obasanjo’s presidency in 1999, he made 37 billionaires in this country. Can you tell me one billionaire made in the last two years apart from those that are close to this government?

Based on what you’re saying, does the president have a plan B?

I didn’t finish. Who’re the CPC people? I heard this severally, you’re not the only person, even the national chairman of the party, Chief Odigie-Oyegun told me that the president only appoints CPC people. Can you count five people that were in CPC and are in this government? I hope you know that the CPC was formed on this desk (his office at Zone 4, Abuja) without even Buhari’s knowledge. So, if they appoint CPC people and I don’t know them, who else would know them? Every CPC man is crying.

The issue of delay in board appointments is generating a lot of disaffection, what do you think is the problem?

That’s their grudge, not ours. I’m not looking for any appointment but there’re people who suffered and actualised the success of this party (the APC). They deserve recognition. If the president had dissolved the boards and refused to appoint because he’s saving money, may be it would be reasonable. But there’re some PDP people functioning on boards. That’s why in one of the interviews I granted, I said it’s ‘APC in government, PDP in power.’

Out of 557 parastatals and agencies of the federal government, not up to 40 or 50 have been constituted, and PDP people have been doing what they want. How can the government function when you’re sitting on a chair that was provided by politics and you said you don’t believe in politicians? How did you become what you’re if you don’t believe in politics? Can anybody rightly accuse politicians in Nigeria without accusing Buhari? He’s a politician first and then president. So, it’s self-indictment for the general to say that he does not like politicians.

Don’t you think the in-fighting in the APC is about 2019?

It serves all those who don’t feel well right. They’re yet to see until they go to prison.

You mean the chieftains of the APC going to prison?

Yes. Each and every one of them will lose his means of livelihood and end up in prison if he does not pray well.

Why did you say that?

Because I know the characters and I can read them.

Do you think the president is behaving this way probably because he’s less interested in getting a second term?

I wouldn’t know. When we reach the bridge we would know. Definitely I know that General Muhammadu Buhari will not want to run on the platform of any party because he has already cast aspersion on party politics and politicians. So, we would try to find out on what platform he would contest if he wants to be president in 2019; on what vehicle he would ride but definitely not on a political party.

You think he would ride on the horse of the masses?

I wouldn’t know. We would find out if the Constitution of Nigeria allows anybody to run as a non-politician.

Assuming President Buhari would go for a second term. Do you foresee a kind of general support that was witnessed in 2015?

Everybody in 2019 will be on his own and everybody will answer his father’s name. No more bandwagon; it’s your handwork that’ll assist you. And all we need to do is very simple; as we brought the card reader, we would make sure that the votes of every individual counts. So, whoever wins, must have won because he was voted by the people. If anybody is waiting for the bandwagon, or to ride on the back of somebody, that man is a fool and he’ll regret it.

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