76 killed, 6 survivors in Brazil soccer team plane crash

Seventy-six people are confirmed dead following a plane crash outside Medellin, Colombia, CNN has reported.

Authorities say they’ve found a sixth survivor of a plane crash in Colombia. The man was found under the fuselage, according to Mauricio Parodi, a local disaster official.

A charter plane carrying 72 passengers — including players from Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense — crashed near Rionegro, Colombia, according to the country’s civil aviation department. Nine crew members were also on board.

At least two soccer players and one crew member survived, authorities said. Chapecoense players Alan Luciano Ruschel and Jackson Ragnar Follmann survived, as did crew member Ximena Suarez. Authorities did not immediately release the names of the other two survivors. The plane took off from Bolivia’s Viru Viru airport at 6:18 p.m. local time, according to air controller Manuel Palamas.

Officials didn’t specify what happened to the plane but did say that the wounded were being transported to medical centers.

Chapecoense was set to play the Colombian club team Atletico Nacional in the the first leg of the South American cup Finals on Wednesday.

The team, which is ninth in Brazil’s Serie A league, has surprised many with its performance in the tournament this year — ESPNFC billed their semifinal contest as a David versus Goliath match.


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