Hindatu and Suleiman

The Military wedding ceremony of Arch. Hindatu Bello Dangaji and Major Suleiman Abdullahi

BRIDE: (Arch.) Hindatu Bello Dangaji

GROOM: (Major) Suleiman Abdullahi

Love at first sight, so the experts say, but to some it could be the other way round. Hindatu and Suleiman met way back in early 2006, at Alkali road in Kaduna and went on to pursue their careers in different field, Hindatu an Architect, and Suleiman a Major in the Nigerian Navy, it wasn’t all smooth and rosy considering the fact that Hindatu was in Italy and Suleiman in Nigeria but they still manage to keep the flame burning, since what they shared is real, they never allow themselves to be derailed by many trials of life, plus the very positive upbringing they shared from their respective parents.

Hindatu the very ambitious, humble, and blushing bride and her handsome groom, couldn’t take their eyes off each other, and I ask them whom their best friends are, they said we’re each other best friends, she also said , ‘’After my wedding, I fully intend to start working when I decided’’

To follow my dreams and study architecture in Italy, it’s for my passion in designing. I went there with the sole objective of studying and acquiring knowledge, that upon my return, I will be able to aid in developing my country and its people. At large, I feel so bless to have the support of my family and future husband because they have always been my source of happiness and inspiration, and urge every young woman and even married ones, to always go after what they want with passion and perseverance because nothing in life comes easy and to always put GOD first above all other considerations.

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