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Banking sackings: NLC protest turns violent in Lagos

The Comrade Joe Ajaero-led faction of the Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) picketed the headquarters of the Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association(NECA) yesterday over its alleged role in the action against the recent mass sacking of bank workers.

The protest began in the early hours with the barricading of the entrance into NECA’s premises and disruption of its 59th annual general meeting which was billed to hold yesterday.

The action soon turned into free-for-all fight following the arrival of counter-protesters who were opposed to the protest which caused guests, journalists and passers-by to run for safety.

In his address, Ajearo took a swipe at NECA who taking preventive action against the planned picketing of the offending banks. He said NECA’s director-general does not have the moral right to mount a campaign against the planned action.

NECA director-general, Mr. Olusegun Oshinowo said at a press conference that the action of the Ajaero-led NLC was a dangerous precedent to the labour movement, describing it as a rogue union.

He said NECA will not dialogue with the group on the premise that it was not recognised by law.
“The event that happened today was a breach of the right of workers who are denied access to the premises of NECA,” Oshinowo said, and advised the group to go to court to seek redress rather than resorting to “acts of terrorism” to resolve an industrial issue.

He blamed the police who were brought in to monitor the protest for looking the other way while violence was being unleashed on the people.

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  1. Lemmuel Odjay

    The Ajaero-led faction of the NLC we already know, having been aptly described as a “rogue” union. Now who are those other folks who emerged from nowhere to counter the protest? Another union faction, or hired and commissioned hands probably from Oshodi bus park?
    Is this another steep walk down the abyss for Labour? Softy, softly, Nigeria…

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