14th January, 2012.

              WHO IS BOKO HARAM?

President Good Luck Jonathan had told the nation that there are elements loyal to Boko Haram in his government. It is not surprising, what is surprising is the inability of Mr. President to mention who they are or steps his administration intends to take against them. This is not the first time Mr. President made such pronouncement. Remember the Independence Day bombing at Eagle square on 1st October, 2010?

 Immediately it happened; the President claimed to know the brains behind the bombing only for MENDS to claim full responsibility of the attack thereafter. A panel was set up to investigate the immediate and remote causes of the bombing only for Nigerians to hear later that Henry Okah has been arrested in South Africa in connection to the Abuja bombing and is being tried for terrorism. Good you might say but what is the outcome of Okah’s trial in South Africa? Is Okah alone or working in concert with big names in the Jonathan administration?   

To answer this question; we first need to know who Henry Okah is. Henry Okah is the leader of MENDS (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) and a brother to Sunny Okah who acted as a middleman between soldiers and the Niger Delta militants including his brother Henry at the time of negotiations for arms/ammunitions theft from a Military armory in Jaji Kaduna state. He has collaborated closely with LT. General Andrew Owoye Azazi since his days as the General Officer Commanding the 1Mechanised Division Nigerian Army Kaduna. Sunny Okah is also named as a central character in a report prepared by the Military Intelligence panel that investigated the missing of arms and ammunitions from the Military Armory in Jaji, which were passed on to the Niger Delta militants. Sunny Okah source further revealed has since been on the payroll of the Jonathan administration.   

At the time the weapons got missing, Azazi; the current National Security Adviser was Nigeria’s Chief of Army staff. Is there any wonder if President Jonathan claims to have terrorist or Boko Haram elements in his government? It is also revealed on strong authority that former governor Ibori and Alamieyesiegha financed the whole arms deal with the active collaboration of General Azazi the Chief of Army staff of the time in return for financial gratification. The former Director General of the State Security Service Col. Kayode Are (rtd) and one Major General R.O. Adekhegba of the Directorate of Military Intelligence at the time were all party to the scam. This is the more reason why Jonathan cannot act because his former boss Alamieyesiegha is involved. Not only that;

We have it on good authority that “the amount of weapons stolen is enough to hold not just Port Harcourt hostage but the whole of Nigeria”. A report on same issue further noted that “should criminals decide to spread out to measure cities of Nigeria with just a few of these weapons and cause chaos simultaneously, it is doubtful if we will not have a national state of emergency situation in our hands”. That is exactly what is happening today in Nigeria. 

The weapons stolen from Jaji Military Armory in exchange for money include rocket launchers, UMGs, GPMGs, G3 and Mark IV rifles, Beretta rifles, AK 47 and bagfuls of ammunitions.

Disturbed by the report of the arms deal, President Umaru Musa Yar’adua fired General Azazi as Chief of Defense staff on 20th August 2008 and retired him from the army a situation known to then Vice President Jonathan. Upon assumption of office as President on 29th May, 2011, Jonathan brought Azazi out of retirement and appointed him National Security Adviser (NSA). Is there any wonder why Churches are daily being bombed with scores of people killed only for the authorities to attribute it to Boko Haram?   

From the foregoing, it is now clear who really Boko Haram is, their sponsors and ultimate ambition. This is because the Military intelligence corps interrogated Sunny Okah, one Major Akubo and some soldiers who all confessed to the crime of stealing military weapons. It was further revealed that rather than act on the case and bring the arrow heads to book, Azazi, Are and Adekhegba spearheaded the move to sit on the report.

 Despite confessing stealing military weapons which were sold to the Niger delta militants, Major Akubo was released to report back to his unit based on instructions from Azazi even when his involvement in the scandalous deals have been firmly established beyond reasonable doubt. Do we need any further proof to discern who Boko Haram master mind is in the Jonathan led government? 

 It is also important to note that, at the time the arms theft began, Azazi was the General Officer Commanding 1st Mechanized Division Nigeria Army in Kaduna under whose jurisdiction Jaji is located. 

In spite of all failures and cover up on the part of Azazi regarding this arms deal, the then President Olusegun Obasanjo elevated him in quick succession from the position of General Officer Commanding to that of Chief of Army Staff and subsequently Chief of Defense Staff all between mid 2006 to mid 2007. Was this accidental or calculated to push Nigeria to the brinks? That is the more reason why when discussing Boko Haram we must not be unmindful of personalities like Professor Jerry Gana who on two occasions stood surety to the slain Boko Haram leader Muhammad Yusuf while charged to an Abuja federal high court. Yusuf’s relationship by proxy viaformer governor Ali Madu Sheriff with President Obasanjo particularly before the 2007 general elections, the killing of Sheik Jaafar Adam of Kano a day to the 2007 general elections etc deserves a second look. This is necessary if only to know who did what and why.  

Who organized the meeting late Mohammed Yusuf had with former American Ambassador to Nigeria Ms Robin Sanders and for what? Why did governor Ali Modu Sheriff ordered the shooting of Yusuf and Alhaji Foi while in police custody. Why?   

These questions are fundamental and Jonathan security chiefs we believe should be able to address them if only to put to rest the much talked about Boko Haram that has today become a franchise to many people in and out of government.  

With this sad developments in Nigeria today, history has a negative story to tell about the Jonathan led administration because of its apparent failure to understand the composition and true geography of Nigeria. Else, how can any sensible government think of setting its citizens against themselves by using religious sentiment/differences?   

Nobody denies the existence of Boko Haram but the group’s fluidity and lack of coherent leadership since the extra judicial killing of its leader Mohammed Yusuf cannot allow it to accomplish what is today done in the name of Boko Haram. The sophistication and precision timing with which most of the attacks were carried out showed professionalism which the true adherents of Mohammed Yusuf are lacking. It therefore points to one direction; the involvement of government agents in most of these dastardly acts. Source also revealed that the government Boko Haram is getting a lot of intelligence assistance from senior Nigerian Intelligence officials; whither Nigeria! Or how do you reconcile the arrest of a Christian woman Lydia Joseph, who attempted to burn down St John’s Catholic Church in Bauchi, Wisdom King who dressed in Kaftan with a turban to match arrested attempting to set ablaze a Church in Bayelsa or the two bank robberies in Azare, Bauchi state which was attributed to Boko Haram but later turned out to be an insider job in which 4 bank officials are involved.  

That is not all; the issue of government by settlement is now the order of the day where one individual collects huge sums of money from those who parade themselves in Abuja as security consultants yet the safety of Nigerians including the president is anybody’s guise. This experience raises fundamental questions about the neutrality or capability of the security agencies whose primary assignment is to guarantee safety to life and property. Worse still are the service chiefs who pretend they are doing something while in actual fact they have over lived their usefulness in service. Does the President know this?  

 It is strongly believed that there is an orchestrated plan by the President Jonathan’s administration to create discord in Nigeria. Else why the National Security Adviser Owoye Andrew Azazi did wrote through his Washington aids (lobbyist) an article titled “COMBATING A COMMON TERRORIST THREAT” which appeared in the Washington Times of Wednesday 4th January, 2012? Part of the article in reference reads:

       “Terrorist from Nigeria have again turned the joyful  celebrations of Christmas into a D-Day for premeditated mass murder. This year, extremists  slaughtered worshippers in a church during Christmas  services near the Nigerian capital and elsewhere in the  country. America is at risk for this type of violence. Two Christmas ago a militant from my country-the infamous underwear Bomber tried to blow up an American jetliner over Detroit.  It is time for strategic security relationship between Nigeria and  the United States”…… he wrote

Now, was Azazi in Nigeria when in September, 2011 Muslim worshippers were attacked and killed in their hundreds on Eid-fitr day in Jos at the prayer ground? If yes what was his reaction as the National Security Adviser? Remember, leaders are expected to be honest and sincere people who lead by example. They are supposed to be standard bearers for justice whoever it is for or against. Not ethnic jingoist. 

Azazi’s comment on the kid bomber is laughable because he has exhibited his ignorance before the Americans who know better and at best regarded him as a pawn. But simply put, does the claimed explosive have the capacity to blow off the seat on which the bomber sat not even the plane? For the avoidance of doubt and to put the records straight, the Kid bomber sat on seat No 17A which is on the plane’s wing beneath which is the wing’s fuel tank of the Air bus A330-400. With these details, even a kindergarten knows that a game is being played about the acclaimed bombing of the said Airbus. Then, Azazi should better go back to school because it is sad that my country’s National Security Adviser is still a novice in the art of deception and intelligence gathering which the Americans call gray propaganda. Or why don’t you ask yourself how the kid bomber was able to board a plane in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam without a passport in spite of the tightness of security there?  

It can be proved with ease that since the return to civil rule in May 1999, Muslims in Jos, Kaduna, Maiduguri and Adamawa have been at the receiving end. Losing their lives and property for no reason other than they are Muslims. Was anything done to bring the perpetrators of all these killings to book? Thousands of Muslims majority of who are innocent armless civilians were killed at the wake of the Maiduguri insurrection of Boko Haram in July 2009 by government forces. Was anybody apprehended for all these extra judicial killings?   Azazi should better tell the Americans the truth; that he is the leader of the new Boko Haram that specializes in kidnapping, bombing, rape, arson and killing.  

Finally, Nigerians must know that Christians and Muslims have co-existed peacefully for hundreds of years together in this country. Our strength as a people lies in our diversity as such; we must not allow agents of neo-colonial exploitation to set our country asunder. Mr. President also needs to be reminded that it was the northern votes that made him President so for him to allow traitors to keep him hostage and instigated against the north is to say the least the height of irresponsibility and ingratitude. Be advised!






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