The Verdict: Sai Buhari, farewell mediocrity and disaster

The Verdict: Sai Buhari, farewell mediocrity and disaster

It is a new day in Nigeria.  There is hope.  Nigeria will be great again.  They postponed the elections, but the people were resolute in rejecting criminality in governance. 

Congratulations to the people of Nigeria for not despairing, in spite of all provocations and deliberate efforts to truncate the will of the people.  Congratulations to all the long suffering Nigerians who waited patiently to ensure that they are able to record their wishes through the ballot.  Congratulations to all the leaders of the various political parties merged to form the All Progressives Congress for the capacity to put aside petty differences to salvage Nigeria from the rampaging PDPigs. 

Congratulations to the men and women of vision who stood together to say that enough is enough, and that even when public property can be used for personal benefit, there is need for decorum and necessity of enlightened self-interest which should impose limits.  Congratulations especially to Bola Ahmed Tinubu and General Muhammad Buhari (Rtd) for being long-suffering heroes of the people who refuse to quit or be daunted when the heat from the enemies of the people became unbearable. 

Congratulations to all those who put their own lives of hold, suffered greatly and persevered for Nigeria to be a country where human dignity can still count for something.  CONGRATULATIONS NIGERIA, this victory is yours.  The predictions of dissolution, end to your existence has not come to pass.  So we must congratulate all who have invested in the future of Nigeria and posterity, rather than in themselves and decadence.

The Yoruba people have a saying for it: bi eegun eni ba jo o re, ori a ya oloko, “if your masquerade or agent performs well, you the owner or sponsor will be happy”.  Bob Marley has it in song, “You can fool all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.  It is a shame that Abami Eda, the one and only Fela Anikulapo Kuti is not here to see the shame of VIPs – Vagabonds in Power, who became beasts of no nation in our very before.  Yoruba people were very wise when it was said that ojo gbogbo ni t’ole, ojo kan ni t’oloun, “every day is for the thief, one day is for the owner”.  While the party was going on, the drum beat of perfidy and desperation was loud and deafening.  But the people waited patiently, and even the elements were not able to deter their determination – rain, shine, and criminality were brushed aside to vote and make the vote count.  This is what Nigeria has taught the world – that the people are not as mindless as is supposed by the vampires who have rained destruction on our commonwealth for 16 inglorious years.

Bi iro ba n lo l’ogun odun, ojo kan ni otito yio ba, “if lies have been traveling for 20 years, truth catches up in one day”.  The truth has caught up with Mr. Goodluck Egbere Jonathan, and “There is God ooooo”!  We all thank Allah for staying with the people, even when it seemed that the traitors will have their way once again.

Let us go on memory lanes for a minute.  All Nigerians invested so much in Mr. Goodluck Egbere Jonathan, such that when he was being played out of power by the cabal in Abuja when Umar Yar’Adua was ill, we all rallied round him and said the Constitution of Nigeria was bigger than anything.  Then when the Yar’Adua passed away and the caucus again did not want Mr. Jonathan to become the substantive President, all Nigeria rallied round him and the “Doctrine of Necessity” was enforced.  Even more significantly, all Nigeria stood with Mr. Jonathan in 2011, because it was felt that he had had too much to contend with in two years to be able to perform anywhere near expectation, being a scholar and the highest educated person to occupy the seat of power in Nigeria ever!

But then the true colour of Mr. Goodluck Egbere Jonathan began to show.  First he socked to Nigerians a fake subsidy withdrawal.  Then he surrounded himself with the worst of the land – men and women of dubious, criminal and despicable track record.  The stench got to the nostrils of Nigerians, but there was little they could do about it, because they apparently got what they bargained for.  Then the insurgency gathered momentum, claiming lives and limbs, destroying property and making hordes internally displaced; yet Mr. President dithered, parleyed, procrastinated and did nothing.  His megaphones went to town to deceive Nigerians that insurgency is an international phenomenon, even when it was clear that the driving force for the local one is home grown, and it resides in the governance maladies of the people entrusted with power, who use it for themselves only.

More significantly it was obvious to all Nigerians that we made a gargantuan mistake in entrusting our fate to the Mr. Egbere Jonathan.  By this time now it was our future that was collectively being destroyed in our very before.  Nearly 300 young girls were abducted from school and Mr. Egbere Jonathan said and did nothing for weeks.  Even the wife added insult to the collective injury the parents and Nigerians when she railed on the parents and our collective sensibilities by making a mockery of the whole thing.

How does one forget the case of Ministers of government buying various outlandish things for record prices or spending wantonly on frivolities?  A single bullet proof car cost nearly N300m, while N10b on jets was not anything important to warrant reprimand.  Of course, when it is alleged that $20b is missing, the President fires the whistleblower!  Meanwhile the subsidies which the NASS has stopped continued to be paid to cronies and surrogates.  Nigerians now own streets in Dubai and other places where we are not ever regarded as human beings, and nobody seems to care about the suffering of the masses of the people, whose lives are degraded on a daily basis.

Four good years the President, Mr. Goodluck Egbere Jonathan, had the opportunity to demonstrate to the Nigerians who entrusted him with power that his education was not a fluke: to whom much is given, much is expected.  But, apparently because his education probably was a fraud, there was nothing to show – even the PhD paraded is a fluke as no dissertation has been found!  It is no wonder that after 8 years in Aso Rock, two as Vice President, and Six as President, when the time came for reckoning, knowing that Nigerians are not impressed by the mediocrity and imbecility running amok.  Because the fakeness of the President is deep rooted he was not prepared for anything.  He went to represent Nigeria at various international fora and was a no show when time came to speak.  He was never able to understand real life situations, much less project into the future.  He did not even know there was Boko Haram until six weeks ago when it finally dawned on him that he was going to be rejected by a moon-slide record in an election he should have won hands down if only he was blessed with some cerebral capacity.

To buy time, and on the mis-advise of fifth columns in the corridors of power, he postponed the day of judgment by shifting the election day which was set years ago, and which the whole world knew, except himself.  He claimed that Nigeria was at war!  When did he finally realize that?  But the people are not buying it.  He was persuaded that Nigerians are all like himself – unable to see beyond their noses!  Now, something peculiar happened to Ekiti people!  Often poverty works in strange ways, but it is incomprehensible that a people that boasts of such high levels of education can be so pauperized to accept “stomach infrastructure” as their only lot in life.  But Mr. President thought that all Nigerians are like Ekiti people, who could not understand that some things are not worth eating, even when coated with wontiwonti obokun and isiewu!

But Mr. Goodluck Egbere Jonathan went to town with gusto, carting along trunk-loads of Ghana-must-go loaded with Dollars, Pound Sterling and delivered to Obas, Obongs, Obis, Bishops, Overseers, etc.  Even he must have attempted to get to the angels and ancestors!  He believed everyone has a price!  Maybe his parents taught him that “stomach infrastructure” trumps good sense and reason. Someone who believed that stealing is not corruption cannot be expected to do otherwise.  Hence he thought that six weeks was enough to rewrite our collective angst and make us take the mess of pottage dripping from his stolen war chest.  But Nigerians are not stupid.  They took whatever they could get from what was stolen from them and the booted the criminals out of Aso Rock.

Lesson: Collectively, Nigerians are Human Beings who share a common compassionate humanity with all other humans.  Nigerians may belong to various ethnicities and religions.  They may be poor and vulnerable.  They may even be deceived once in a while.  But Nigerians are not fools.  They know who to fear.  They know that Boko Haram is a product of a system.  They know that all the maladies that afflict the country are man-made.  They know that our poverty is manufactured by poor leadership.  They know people who had nothing six years ago who now own properties in London and Dubai.  They know who had no spoke four years ago who now own jets.  They know why police terrorize travelers for “family support”.  They know why Oga at the top must receive returns for approvals for anything to happen.  And they are fed up.

It would not have mattered if Mr. Jonathan had emptied American Federal Treasury or taken on loan all the Pound Sterling in the world or delayed the elections by another ten years.  They would have waited patiently to throw the bucket at him.  He is bad news.  He is such a joke that his kind of education is not wished on one’s worst enemy’s child.  He is now a parable for absolute failure.  What a shame – from grace to disgrace in just six years!

Moving on;  There is no doubt that the coffers of the government have been emptied to bribe all bribeable persons and groups.  That is why salaries and wages are in arrears in all parts of the Federation.  So there is no illusion about any honey moon for GMB.  He knows.  The whole world knows.  But we also know that GMB is up to the task.  We know that he who comes to justice must come with equity.  This is his forte, and we appreciate him for that.

We know the journey ahead will be rough.  We hope that between now and May 29, 2015 Mr. Goodluck Egbere Jonathan will understand that the treasury must be treated with respect.  He is in the saddle but he does not run things.  It should be made clear to him that any unwarranted expenditures from now on will be subjected to close scrutiny.  While the past may be the past, the present and the future must be closely watched and monitored to ensure that the damage stops.  When you are in a ditch, you stop digging.  He should rein in all his collaborators in destruction that it is a new day.

GMB knows that Nigeria wants a change.  That is the line he sold to them.  That is the line they bought.  He must now deliver.  He has to assemble persons of impeccable integrity to do the work that needs to be done.  Nigeria is not bereft of men and women of integrity at home and abroad.  He has to call on them to join him in this task of salvaging the country from the pit.  Nigeria will be great.  And we expect no less of leaders.  To whom much is given, much is expected.

The era of wanton criminality is over.  Everyone must now come together – including those defeated.  GMB must encourage a no victor, no vanquished approach.  But it cannot be business as usual.  Those who think that Nigeria can continue as it has over the last 16 years must rethink their position.  Nigeria has been terminally sick.  It is time to take the medicine needed to cure her.  If surgery is needed, now is the time for it.  If rehabilitation is needed, now is the time for it.  If convalescence it needed, yes it has to happen.  But we can only make this country great by all coming together to sacrifice for the sake of our posterity.  The backward Barrister k’omo to j’ogun, emi na a je ogbon, “before my child can inherit, I would have squandered my wealth” is the height of criminality.  It is inhuman not to leave a better world for your children.  It is insane.  Now we must build for the future a better world for ourselves, our youth and children.

God Bless Nigeria, God Bless GMB.  God Bless Our Posterity.


Tunde Bewaji

March 30, 2015

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