Letter to President Obama

Letter to President Obama: Free Sheikh Ahmad Gumi Committee
Posted on August 16, 2010 by webmaster
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16th August, 2010.


 President Barack Obama,
The Executive President,
United States of America,
Washington D.C.

 Dear Mr. President,

“America will always stand for the universal rights of all people to speak their mind, practice their religion, contribute to society and have confidence in the rule of law”

 These were your words Mr. President on the occasion of your Ramadan message to the Muslim world as we commenced the month long fast in this holy month of Ramadan. This message rekindles your earlier position when you spoke to the Muslim world during your short but eventful visit to Egypt shortly after being inaugurated as America’s first Black President.

 For us in Nigeria to accept your call for a new beginning between America and the Muslim world, it behoves us to remind Mr. President that one of Nigeria’s revered scholar and teacher Sheikh (Dr) Ahmad Abubakar Gumi is still in detention in Saudi Arabia following what diplomatic sources say “his detention is at the instance of the American power structure”. We also learnt that he is being detained on the suspicion of having some links to the flight 253 attempted bomber Farouk Umar Mutallab.

What is certain however is that way back in October 2009, father of the kid bomber visited Sheikh Gumi in his No 11 Modibbo Adama road residence in Kaduna, Nigeria and requested for Sheikh Gumi’s personal intervention to persuade Farouk to heed the call of his parents and return back to Nigeria. The Sheikh spoke to Farouk on the request of his father and a couple of times after he returned to his base in Makka, Saudi Arabia. Then came the December 25th attempted bombing of the American Airliner by Farouk at the Detroit airport. Is that enough to rope Sheikh Gumi and dubbed him a terrorist? What was his discussion with Farouk centred on? Does speaking with a thief necessarily makes one a thief?

 What we know is that Gumi is a moderate Islamic scholar and the type the American power structure will classify as modernist. He is against violence and has been consistent in preaching for mutual respect and peaceful coexistence amongst our diverse ethnic and religious persuasions. It was for this principled stand of the Sheikh that elements given to treachery accused him of “playing the scripts of his masters in Tel-Aviv and Washington DC to destabilise Nigeria” sometimes in September, 2009.

 We also know that way back in October 2008, Sheikh Gumi politely rejected an invitation to visit the United States during the last leg of the Bush administration. Can that be enough ground to rope this innocent Scholar and put him behind bars for six months? Information available to us has shown that the two Al Qaeda leaders President Bush had released are suspected of planning the Detroit attempted bombing by Farouk Mutallab.

 Dependable sources further revealed that the Al-Qaeda leaders running the insurgency in Yemen were two of the highest ranking known terrorist released from Guantanamo without trial. They are Guantanamo prisoner #333 Muhammad Attik al-Harbi and prisoner #372 Said Ali Shari. Both men were released on November, 9th 2007 to Saudi friends of the Bush family who let them go.

 It was also gathered that as early as August 2009, the Central Intelligence Agency was picking up information on a person of interest dubbed “The Nigerian” suspected of meeting with terrorist elements in Yemen. Sources later revealed that “The Nigerian” has now turned out to be Farouk Umar Mutallab.

 From the foregoing, one can understand that a game is being played especially when a law enforcement source said “the first intelligence failure came on November 19, 2009, the very day Farouk’s father, a prominent banking official in Nigeria expressed deep concern to officials at the US embassy in Abuja, Nigeria that his 23 year old son has fallen under the influence of religious extremist in Yemen. The second failure to flag an active visa belonging to Farouk occurred the very next day in Washington after Mutallab concerns were forwarded to officials there.”

 In a related development, groups claiming to be Al-Qaeda said that the Detroit attempted bombing was in retaliation to US attacks on bases in Yemen run by Al Qaeda leaders released by Bush. The government of Yemen was quoted by the BBC as saying that the Al Qaeda terrorists, led by those released by Bush are really Israeli agents though they have organised attacks against US targets.

 Reports also have it that Farouk was assisted by an Indian while boarding in Amsterdam and the Dutch Military police that investigated the case said Farouk did not go through passport control checks at Schiphol airport when he arrived from Lagos. A passenger on board Northwest flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit, Kurt Haskell, a lawyer said he saw the suspect, Farouk Umar Mutallab and another man who he thought was Indian, approach the ticket agent. “Only the Indian man spoke and what he said was this man needs to board the plane but he doesn’t have a passport.”

 Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, Haskell said “His clothes were like jeans and a T-shirt or something; he looked kind of thin, like a 16 year old teenager and the other man looked like he is 50 years old, looked like he is a wealthy Indian man. I just couldn’t figure out why they are together Haskell added.

 Now, Nigerians must know that the game being played is much more than meets the eye. From the fore going, we can draw many conclusions but the simplest is that Sheikh Gumi is a victim of International conspiracy with Umar Mutallab at the centre of it all. Though, a layman will want to salute the courage of a father who reported his son to the authorities for being a suspected terrorist. No, it’s all part of a wide game plan to get at someone innocent. Else, how could Farouk travel to Yemen to meet with an organisation run by former detainees released by Bush and his Saudi friends, former detainees that Yemen claimed are working for Israel? How could Farouk after having gone to Yemen be allowed to return to Nigeria, a country whose intelligence services are tied to Israel and trained by Israel; they would have known in a matter of seconds. How was Farouk able to enter the Netherlands without showing a passport? Try it; you will be faced by lots of Dutch operatives who will keep you in a small room for hours, days even. In trying to put the pieces together, it is logical to ask why the two Guantanamo detainees were released to Saudi custody. Why Saudi Arabia did release them soon afterwards?

 Mr. President, this is the scenario in which Sheikh Ahmad Gumi got himself and with the benefit of hindsight, why did the Bush administration released terrorist leaders and shepherd them back into their former profession? It appears there is a conspiracy by the Bush administration else arresting people like Sheikh (Dr) Ahmad Gumi is something against all reason unless the war on terrorism itself is part of a larger regional plan and “war on terror” is only a ruse. Or are all the failures in the process of the attempted bombing aimed at putting your administration on line to account for them?

 We have read your Ramadan message and welcomed your resolve aimed at taking “concrete actions that will make a difference over time – both in terms of the political and security issues…..” But Mr President, permit us to plead the innocence of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi who is being held in Saudi Arabia for an unspecified offence since the last 6 months. As you have assured us of America’s commitment to engage Muslims and Muslim – majority nations on the basis of mutual interest and mutual respect, so shall we request for your kind and urgent intervention in this case especially at this critical period of renewal Mr. President. While we look forward to contributing in our own little ways to making the world a better place to live in; it is our prayer that you will direct the immediate release of Sheikh (Dr) Ahmad Gumi unconditionally.

Yours truly,

For and on behalf of the Committee,

Muhammad Ali.


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