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1. Nigerian Insight is one of the Fastest Growing Website in the world.

2. We don’t only have Nigeria visitors, we have visitors from countries Like USA, UK etc. (Makes us one of the best)

Our ads Types

1-Ads Type(Cheap)

Banner Ads:
Sidebar: 320×50,468×60,320×100,250×300,250×250,300×250

Sidebar=($30.8) #4500/week, month =($92.5) # 15000[Discount] [ads rotate]

Text ads:
runs only at the top of our updates where all users see everyday Week =($25.9) #4200, month=($61.7) #16800

2- Written post ads

We will write a post for you talking about your products and update it. if forum post it will have features of comments but if page, no feature of comment but both have share buttons meaning your post can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and others, and it may be featured [3 days] or not featured [if any new post it comes after yours].

Post on page and updated:($9.2) #1500
Post on page and updated [featured for 3 days] =($21.6) #3500
Post on forum+SEO and updated:($12.3) #2000
Post on forum+SEO and sticked:($24.6) #4000

3.All Pages Ads[Best Deal]
Your Ads Will show @ Top Of all Our Site Pages[Forums,Download Sections e.t.c][Header](Banner/Text)($61.7) N15000 A Week
A Month ($370) N60,000

4. Our social networks ads
We Can Advertise Your Product/Brand To Over 23,000 Facebook Fans 25,000+ likes fanspage | 2,500+ Twitter Followers

1.[29,000+ fanspage] [competitive ads may be ran]
2.[2,500+ Twitter Followers] [competitive ads may be ran]

We can be publishing your ads three times everyday on our Facebook fanpage/Twitter Handle
on Facebook page =($18.5) #3000 a week
on Twitter =($18.5) #3000 a week

SMS Marketing – We Can Send Your Ads To Over 10,000 Verified Nigerian Phone Numbers ,You can get your Ads Seen by Potential Audience.
Our Advert Rules And Terms
Competive ads: are ads concerning adverts of sites that offers what we offer.

-*- -*- We can advertise blog sites even if their services tie with us.
-*- We advertise ebooks, Email Subscription.
-*- Wedding, groove, party, music [singles and albums]
-*- and other sorts of adverts…
For Advertising Offers Or More Info,Question, Contact Our Advert Admin

Send email To [ibrolive [at], for more info]
Normally, we should respond within 48 hours.

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